9app Fast Download: An Alternative to Google Play Store

The growing consumer demands has led to innovative and creative software developments. As a result, a wide variety of applications are developed by various companies. 9apps is one such development. 9apps is developed and owned by Alibaba Group of Company which is one of the widely trusted and popular company. 9apps have multiple uses as it serves as a tool to install apps, update apps, to acquire information, to watch songs, movies, wallpapers, office work and so on. 9app acts as an alternative to google play store. Like google play store, 9app is also 100% secure and safe and thus allow users to complete their desired work easily. 9app provides a large number of application options to its users. All these apps are also pre-checked for virus.

How to use 9app?

9app can be easily used by an android, Iphone and windows. It is thus easily available. One first needs to install the app. Note that your phone gets the latest updated version (2019) of the app. It is important that one downloads the app from a reliable site. After installing the app, one can browse for other apps. One can also share and send the apps to friends and family. One might face problem in installing it in an android phone this is because it is a third-party app. In such cases one just need to change the setting in the Android phone. One needs to allow ‘installation from unknown sources’. Also remember to notice the separate section in the app- wallpapers, paid games, music, videos etc.

How is it different from google play store?

9app is different from google play store in the following ways:

  • One cannot find all the apps on a google play store. On the other hand, 9app has a large number of apps allowing its users to have a wider access.
  • Google play store has both pay per app and in app purchase. 9app on the other hand does not charge anything.
  • Google play store uses more space. This can be more problematic to android phones with less phone storage. In these cases, 9app seems ideal.

These can also be understood as a reason why 9app is a good alternative to google play store.


As mentioned above 9app has small size. This gives it an upper hand than google play store. This app pre-detects viruses and malware and is thus safe, secure and user friendly. Also, there is no restriction to the number of app one wants to download. Unlike google play store, it does not have any third-party restrictions. All of this enables the app to provide an easy and speedy download. 9 apps thus seem as an app that is all in one. It is actually an uncomplicated application. One of the important points to note here is that, as we know it provides a plethora of applications to its users, some of the important applications that address to solve one or the other problems are also available. Such as HackerRank problems, Vaginal Problems, Car Problems and Repairs and so on. These are specific applications aimed at guiding people on specific issues.

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