What is Vidmate all about?

There are a lot of programs online that gives you video buffering both on Android and iOS platforms. You go online, watch a video only when you have a good internet connection. However, what happens when you don’t have a good network connection? How do you watch that video you wanted to watch or the song you wanted to listen to? Network connectivity is very subjective. In that case you need videos on you that you can watch at ease instead of streaming it online. There are very few applications that allow you to download things off the internet. However one such programme is Vidmate. Along with the buffering that most applications provide, it also allows you to download whatever you want to. You can download a movie that you can’t watch online or don’t get a link for.

What all can you do with Vidmate?

You can download songs and videos from YouTube, Instagram and Dailymotion or any site that you stream videos on. The best thing about this app is that you can select the downloadable documents in whatever characteristics you want- HD, 720p, whatever floats your boat. All these videos are then saved to a folder of sorts known as the virtual library. From here you can access whatever it is you want to watch with the help of Vidmate Apk download.

That music video you like so much? Now you can watch it till you’re bored of it. The TV serial you love but don’t get good network on the metro? Now you can download it and carry it around in your pocket.

The song you love listening to? That is also there, easily accessible. If you’re a movie buff and need to re-watch movies that you love, again and again then this application is for you. If it’s not there on your android phone today, then you’re definitely missing out.

If you still need to be convinced more, just remember that Vidmate is free, unlike a lot of applications online. If you’re watching a video on Facebook that is of great use to you, you can easily use the app to download a lot of videos. SoundCloud, the go to place for music will now be your best buddy because everything you have now will be without charge. Vidmate is available on two links that are easily accessible over the internet and in the 9Apps Store.

Small but powerful

Even though Vidmate is a small downloader programme with very low space taking capacity, it’s performance is great and fast. It operates extremely well on every Android Operating System that starts from 2.2.  This application can get you more than 3 lakh videos and songs in every possible dialect and can do multitasking as well. Unlike YouTube that shuts off immediately when you open something else, VidMate can move to the background and complete your task.

Not only that, it can download more than one video/song at the same time. This makes VidMate a very efficient application because it does not get into your daily work and lets you carry on everything with ease.

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