What are Google Ads and why are they Great for Your Business?

Did you know that around 60% of the entire population in the world is now online? Over 4.66 billion people are connected to the internet. Mostly through their smartphones. They use the internet services almost every day.

These billions of users have also billions of pages available to browse through. Most of them decide to spend their time watching videos or hang out on social networks, but there are also tons of them using search engines to look for particular information.

On Google, there are over 2 trillion searches every year. More than 5 billion searches happen every day. That’s a tremendous record, and all businesses that want a piece of this action need to optimize their pages for it. Learn more Google stats on this link.

Getting on the highest result for particular searches ask for serious work and dedication. It’s not easy to do it. That’s why some businesses decide to opt for a google ads campaign and handle things this way.

What are Google Ads?

Google Ads is a service from the internet giant Google. This is a company with the same name as the online browser most people use in the world. They now fall under the umbrella of the US business magnate – Alphabet Inc.

The Google Ads is a shortcut for businesses who want to see their page on one of the first few results in the search for particular queries. This comes with a price, of course. Some keywords are more expensive than others, but the outcome is the same – the business’s website shows up first in front of all organic results.

The only difference between the organic search and these is the tiny detail that shows the little “ad” sign next to the name of the site that the user is about to press. That signals to them that this company paid to be placed on top of everyone else.

Interestingly, people are not always happy to click on a sponsored ad, but this is the best and simplest way for companies to get their websites up there on the first result for some queries that people search, and are connected to their business.

How a business benefit from them?

The businesses benefit from Google Ads by becoming visible on this search engine. This search engine is being used by over 90% of people in the world. The rest of the search engines are simply not valuable enough for businesses. Everything happens on Google, and that’s why these ads are so valuable.

What happens when someone pays for them is that they get tons of traffic on their pages. Let’s take an example. Let’s say that you’re a company selling shoes. Over a million people are searching for this exact keyword globally. Most of them are looking for shoes to buy.

If you manage to be the first result, you can hope that you’ll get more than 20% of all the clicks that will happen for this keyword. That’s over 200,000. The only catch is this is a highly expensive ad.

There are more affordable options though. Let’s say that you’re a show seller from Dallas. Investing in such a pay per click campaign can get you tons of leads from the local searches. If you’re not aiming for the global market, but the local one, then you can pay significantly less, and still have excellent results.

If you want to know more about PPC and how it works, you see here and learn everything there is about this service. It’s the best way to promote your business on a local level. If there are 5,000 potential leads, you can pay to get them all on your website with the proper SEO Company that will create a perfect marketing campaign.

What is the alternative?

The alternative is, of course, to go with organic SEO. SEO means search engine optimization. It’s the art of optimizing pages to rank higher on search engines. If we’re talking about Google, then using this engine’s algorithms and systems to provide the best results for their customers.

You can be a small business from Oklahoma, but if you manage to do a proper SEO for your page, you can always rank higher on search engines and get tons of visitors on your site.

In reality, some other company might have e bigger business than you, but digitally, you’ll be the one ruling. After some time, the search engines will help your growth tremendously.

The only problem is that it takes months, if not years, to reach a particular level of greatness and get as many visitors as possible.

Which one’s better – organic or ads?

A lot of people ask this question. We’d say, it’s a tie. The first organic search result gets around 30% of all clicks. The ad, even though it’s above everyone else, gets less. However, a business that didn’t rank at all on the first page, won’t get any clicks.

Valuable to mention here is the fact that both strategies require an investment. Optimizing a page organically requires constant long-term work. It’s not easy getting the job done. A company must pay a digital marketing company, and the results are never guaranteed.

However, if the efforts pay off, the value from ranking high in organic results will be tremendous. At the same time, PPC and Google Ads provide instant recognition. Lots of users will convert, and the business earns leads. The problem is these results in the search engine only lasts until it’s paid. So, it’s a tie. Learn everything about SEO on this link: https://www.searchenginejournal.com/seo-101/best-seo-resources/.


Now you know the basics of this marketing initiative. It’s tough in the SEO world out there, but proper work will get the job done. If a marketing agency works hard enough, and choose the right strategy, the business can gain a lot. At the same time, using the Ads will provide instant success, so it’s up to companies to choose their strategy.

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