Step Up Your Promotion With Social Media Optimization

So much focus has been put on Search Engine Optimization, otherwise known as SEO, that many overlook the importance of Social Media Optimization. For business owners and entrepreneurs using social media, optimization across social media platforms is imperative to generate results. Often labeled as SMO, Social Media Optimization is the process of making content that is generated for a specific brand easily shareable across several different social media platforms and sites referred to as the social media web. Rather than creating a digital marketing plan that is geared to drive as much traffic as possible, this approach to marketing is about making sure as many people as possible see the content to benefit the brand. Read on, and learn why a social sense of promotion has proven to benefit brands of all sizes.

Why is Social Media Optimization So Important in the Long Run?

While the focus on SMO is not necessarily to drive larger loads of traffic to your site, it is to get your content seen so organic traffic is referred your way. Social media traffic is referred to as social referrals, where you are recommended to visit a specific site based on your likes and interests. Based on statistics conducted by the most reliable marketers, social networks are actually driving more traffic to professional websites than Google, the most popular search engine, is.

If you have interesting content that can easily be shared across several different social networks, you are much more likely to see traffic rates on your site skyrocket. What is great about this strategy is that you are more likely to reach a targeted audience by creating content that appeals to a specific person so that the traffic is more likely to convert.

SMO Strategies That Will Get Your Brand Attention

Now that you understand that the purpose of SMO is to build an online presence while you increase brand recognition, it is important to implement the right strategies to make users share your content across many different platforms. One of the most popular ways to spread branded content across the social web without requiring users to visit your website is to effective use widgets. By doing this, bloggers and other traffic can “grab” your content and easily share it on their own profiles for their friends and followers to see. Others prefer to use Badges to share content, which is an embedded code that will display as an image and link the visitor to the website when clicked. What is beneficial about badges is that each badge counts as a backlink, which can improve Search Engine rankings.

Another optimization strategy that may be worth a try is the social sign in strategy. When you attract a visitor to your website, it is in your best interest to have them register so that they will stay engaged. You can either have them fill out a long-form registration, or you can encourage them to complete a social sign in that eliminates the need for a long form to be completed. This makes your list of registered users larger which turns into more content shares.

If you want referral traffic and you want shares to help you generate new prospects, you need to find out what the successful entrepreneurs using social media are doing. These may not be all of the strategies, but these are some SMO tactics that are important when you are competing against so many other businesses.

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