eCommerce Website? Try MilesWeb Managed Cloud Hosting

Are you setting up an E-commerce business? We know you might have a big checklist such as product availability, categories, product delivery, courier service, website, etc.

You might need to take so many decisions about your eCommerce and one of them is launching your business online. Right from registering your domain name to selecting the best web hosting plan that fits your needs, everything needs to be planned well.

E-commerce sites are usually heavier as compared to other sites. Therefore, you need to select a web hosting provider that can handle your website even at peak hours. 

Although there are many web hosting solutions available like shared hosting, unlimited hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, etc. Cloud hosting is mostly recommended in the case of e-commerce websites. A cloud hosting makes your hosting experience seamless. 

  • Key features of cloud hosting:

  • High Uptime: If something goes wrong with your server, another server will immediately take over and execute your task. This helps your website to remain live all the time.
  • Flexibility: Cloud hosting gives you the flexibility to opt for more computing power when needed.
  • Vulnerability: As your website will be hosted under an independent hosting environment there won’t be any chance of vulnerability in terms of hardware or security.

All these features help in boosting your website performance. 

Now, you must be thinking that cloud hosting will be highly expensive but let me tell you about one such web hosting provider that offers cheap cloud hosting. In this article, we will take an overview of one such web hosting provider-MilesWeb

  • MilesWeb – Intro

MilesWeb was founded in 2012 and within no time, they acquired a big name in the hosting industry. On today’s date, they have more than 18000 happy customers. Their core focus is on customer satisfaction thus, their support team is available 24/7 for any of your technical assistance. 

They have two different offerings for cloud hosting solution: 

  • Managed DigitalOcean Cloud
  • Managed AWS Cloud

Here’s a summary of their both of the platforms:  

  • Managed DigitalOcean Cloud

  • Features

  • System monitoring: No chances of server outages and performance issues because MilesWeb team monitors the server for you.
  • Server maintenance: The day-to-day operations and maintenance are taken care of by their team and it is ensured that your servers run without a hitch. 
  • Fully Managed: You don’t have to stress about the management of your server while hosting your website at MilesWeb. Being official partners of DigitalOcean, MilesWeb offers DigitalOcean managed hosting services for their clients.
  • Assistance: If you are not sure which of the plan to choose. Their team of experts will help you choose the best plan that will fit your needs. 
  • Optimizing: To keep up the performance of your server, it needs to be optimized. Their team takes care of the optimization as well.
  • Data protection: As the servers are continuously monitored by them, you can be rest assured about the data theft or data loss.
  • Security: To keep your website stay out from any malware, viruses and spyware, MilesWeb team keeps track of any vulnerability and also takes all the precautionary measures to keep the server safe. 
  • Regular updates: No manual process of downloading and installing updates on the server is required as all the updates are installed on the server automatically. 
  • Managed AWS Cloud

  • Features

  • Server management: Constant tracking of load fluctuations, potential viruses and other issues is done to keep the AWS system up and running for the longest duration.
  • AWS Certified Team: Their team consists of AWS trained experts, who know how to handle the AWS server to make it secure, efficient and trouble-free.
  • Optimization and growth: To deliver best-in-class AWS services, they provide reliability and great efficiency of the AWS server along with state-of-the-art AWS services.
  • Increased productivity: Their department takes care of the management of the AWS cloud network. This helps your employees to focus on activities like company development, profit-generating and customer service instead of investing their time for server management.
  • Time-saving: Their department manages all the server-related activities, such as updating, patching or routine cloud maintenance operations needed by AWS. In this way, you can save a lot of time and use that for your business.
  • 24/7 help available: Their support team is available 24/7 to help you answer the AWS related questions.
  • Conclusion

Cloud hosting is the easiest and most inexpensive choice for businesses that have heavy traffic on their website. Your website’s traffic can be conveniently handled, if you choose MilesWeb’s Managed DigitalOcean Cloud or Managed AWS Cloud services. You get 99.95% uptime with MilesWeb. So make sure you pick them, if you’re searching for the best cloud hosting service for your eCommerce website.

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