Find Out What the Advantages of Social Bookmarking Are

If you are wondering what the advantages of social bookmarking are, you are asking the right question. Before doing anything in the world of Internet marketing, you have to ask yourself why you want to do it. The fact that everyone else is doing it is never – or almost never – a good answer.

Advantages of social bookmarking are more obvious to small businesses. If you can’t afford big publicity, or even an AdWords campaign, you need to produce great content and try to make it viral. You can do this by using all kinds of social media, from Twitter and YouTube to Facebook and even LinkedIn, but today we will focus specially on social bookmarking.

Advantage number one, of course, is that it is free. But this would be looking at the small picture. The fact is that social media is free, and you can’t get any better at it by putting a lot of money into it. So that means that with the right attitude and by keeping your eyes open, you can compete face to face with really big firms – something you can’t do with a publicity campaign.

So what can set you apart from other businesses? First of all, if you had the guts to set up your own business, it means that you think you have a certain knowledge, or at least a certain know-how, that other people do not. Be counter-intuitive and share it. By displaying your knowledge, you will prove to other users that you are trustworthy. Also, by being helpful to them, they will be grateful and therefore more likely to give you business or at least recommend it to others.

Let’s go back to the fact that this might seem a bit counter-intuitive. What if people start stealing my ideas?, you might ask. But business knowledge is not about the total of things you know about something. Rather, it is about knowing how to apply those things so that you can solve every day problems. You are not giving away the main asset of your business because that is impossible: the asset is your mind, not the facts.

Social bookmarking is perfect for this kind of sharing. You can promote what you write and share what others write and may be useful to the community. Being selfless is more of a positive than is admitted in the online world, and if you are perceived as a giver, you are gaining more points in the eyes of users who might hire you, buy from you or recommend your services.

Sometimes, choosing a smaller site over a larger one is better, since the community of smaller sites is usually more loyal (and pickier), and will see your choice as a positive, making them more likely to link posts appearing on your site.

So, if you take my advice, I think you will soon see that advantages of social bookmarking are the same that make your business solid: your know how and the different kinds of things your approach offers in relation to others.

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