Why Guest Post Submission is one of the Best Marketing Technique in the Industry

The big question: Is guest posting or blogging advantageous or beneficial when it comes to product or website marketing?

The answer: A resounding YES! Without a doubt, it is essential when it comes to inbound marketing strategy. But don’t take our word for it.

Let us show you how guest blogging or guest post submission sites like qualityguestposts can transform startup companies and improve small or big businesses. Hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of blogs are ready to receive or accept in-depth guest blogs and articles. No matter how well-informed or knowledgeable you are when it comes to blogging, and readers may ignore you or not take you seriously if you do it by yourself.

According to data from SWW or Social Marketing Writing, more or less 65% of online visitors trusted blogs or articles with two or more authors. They find articles or blogs a lot more credible if it comes from multiple authors and sources. You want qualified traffic, authority, relevant links, sales, and motivated organic leads if you want your business to flourish and stand out over your competitors.

Guest post submission and guest posting can provide all the necessary tools to succeed and much more. A lot of experts tried various inbound marketing techniques, but according to them, guest posting has remained the most trusted and treasured strategy.

You could say that guest blogging is the bread and butter of most successful online businesses. According to software product developer for inbound sales and marketing, Hubspot, inbound marketing techniques like guest posting or blogging do not just help enterprises to drive a lot of traffic to their websites, but also increase their sales and revenue.

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But not all guest post submissions are created the same, and they do not all give the same result. You need to use it properly, and you need to choose the targets wisely and carefully. One of the main reasons why products or brands failed to find success at guest posting or blogging is that they did not understand and know how to properly create or create the right articles that can attract the attention of their target market.

Here is the reality about marketing techniques: there is no switch or button you can flip if you can get immediate or instant results. According to a famous content marketing tool maker, Copyblogger, content marketing results don’t happen in an instant.

It will take a lot of time, slowly but surely. If you create a good content that attracts the attention of your target market, you will most likely reap the rewards of your hard work, including a stable stream of organic visitors or traffic, customers, as well as new leads that can eventually turn into sales and profit, for years to come after you published your content.

Let us take a closer look at the world of online inbound marketing

Guest blogging or posting is not a shortcut to growing your site or blog. It is also not a quick way to make your site’s search ranking go number one. In fact, sometimes, it will take a lot of time to achieve success compared to social media marketing.

If you have time to research the topics that can produce pleasant articles or contents – something that most B2B marketers failed to do – you will have to achieve success for your business. But above all, guest posting fits perfectly with every business’ inbound marketing techniques, assuming that you do not try guest posting or blogging without an objective or a target in mind.

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Before we share the steps that can help businesses create a quality guest posting articles that will help improve their online business, let us take a closer look at few case studies that can prove the power of guest posting or blogging.

Gregory Ciotti, a famous entrepreneur that help businesses build customer-driven publications, used guest posting as a technique to generate a lot of email subscriber. The big question is, what would thousands of loyal email subscribers do for your site or business?

If you asked successful bloggers where they invest most of their money and time, one of the things they will tell you is email marketing. In 2013, online marketers in India increased their email marketing spending by at least 50%. But building a stable and quality list of email subscribers can be very challenging, especially when you are starting.

Guest posting or blogging is an excellent way to overcome this problem. If you are going to build an email list using guest blogging, a lot of experts suggest that you avoid situations where visitors or readers skips your author byline and leave your site. To solve this problem, do not just close your guest blog post in an uninteresting manner.

You need to close your post with a conclusion to show that your article is done. You also need to ask questions in concluding your articles or posts, questions that flows smoothly from your topic. And lastly, you need to place a small call-to-action and ensure that the visitors do not ignore the byline.

One of the best call-to-actions is “download my ebook.” It should be ideally placed in your post as if it is a part of your content. By following these simple steps, there is a big chance that visitors will click on your link and eventually, you can put them in your email list.

The founder of one of the most successful online marketing-related website MOZ, Rand Fishkin, uses and embraces guest posting and reaped a good amount of reward in the process as a result of his action. A single quest post that is published on MOZ sometimes generated more or less 400 visitors every day.

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The guest posts are promoted on their homepage, and even after two or three weeks, it still produced at least ten visitors to the poster’s website every day from that single post. As mentioned earlier, the guest post can help businesses attract a lot of traffic, brand visibility, and links.

It can also bring in additional sales and an increase in the business’ revenue. Jon Cooper’s success is a proof that guest posting is a very effective inbound marketing technique, especially when you do your due diligence in researching industry blogs and create quality content that can attract people’s attention and they can’t find in other contents.


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