How to choose your SEO agency?

There are simple and common sense criteria for choosing your SEO agency among the many web agencies or providers that offer to reference your website.

The goal is to find the agency that best suits your business profile and that is able to meet your specific needs, establish an SEO strategy and produce results.

Here are some questions to ask you when choosing your SEO agency:

  1. Which budget to choose?
  2. Where to start?
  3. What is my need?
  4. What are my goals?
  5. Fast and guaranteed results?
  6. Is the agency trustworthy?

Which budget to choose?

There is no agency that offers the same price on this type of services because everything depends on the field of intervention of the agency (from the simple optimization of technical tags of the site to the creation of textual content, work on the mesh of the pages and the obtaining of backlinks), your market, the competition and your objectives. The difficulty in choosing your SEO agency is that there is a multitude of pricing often ranging from 1 to 20 and for which it is difficult to compare because the detail of services is often opaque.

Where to start?

If you are looking for SEO services visit is that your site is not visible on the Internet, so from there you will have to understand yourself what is wrong in order to define the scope of your intervention. provider. Do not worry, you do not have to go to study SEO in detail to understand everything, just inform yourself about the analysis services usually offered by agencies to better understand the heart of the problem.

To begin, you need to establish a technical audit of your site to see at first if it is well optimized compared to Google’s SEO standards and if it does not require a total or partial overhaul before starting this work, this is the first step. From there it will be possible to offer adapted services to boost the visibility of your site and prepare a quote.

What is my need?

Each company does not have the same need in terms of objectives and visibility, a merchant site specialized in clothing will not have the same need as an accounting firm wishing to be visible only in its region. For example, the merchant site will be more likely to want to target more competitive keywords related to its products for sale (eg  “slim black man”  or  “women’s parka” ) while an accounting firm will choose key terms related to its business in his city / region (eg  “accounting firm Reno” ). This is why the choice of keywords is crucial.

What are my goals?

After defining your need, you have to see in the long term what you are aiming for as results.

  • Would you like to appear at the same level as your main competitors on the first pages? In the space of 6 months?
  • Do you want to be in the top position when looking for a particular keyword on Google?
  • If you know exactly what you want, it will be easier to help you achieve your goals.

Quick results guaranteed?

Choose your SEO agency you should know that a reputable agency will never think that in the space of 1 or 2 months everything will work flawlessly. The SEO job is long and sometimes difficult.

It is not on short-term work that you will be visible everywhere naturally, if you want to be visible immediately it is better to opt for the AES method in this case.

How to know if the agency is trustworthy?

There are many ways to find out if the SEO agency you want to consult is serious and effective:

We must first analyze its e-reputation, that is to say its reputation on the web through various media social media: social networks, forums, blogs … You’ll know what the Internet say about the agency and whether customers who purchased their services are satisfied or dissatisfied.

The first overview of the agency by phone contact, this will allow you to directly give you an impression on how they approach you. Pay attention to the speakers, a real specialist will try to understand exactly what you want before proposing anything to you.

  • The agency will describe its strategy and the methods it uses to generate results (without technical jargon).
  • Is the agency even visible? Try to search for “internet SEO agency” on Google, if the agency ranks well naturally and not thanks to  Adwords  it is proof of its credibility.
  • We must verify that the agency creates content because it is essential for SEO. Google is an information sorter.
  • If the agency has evidence on its site as a summary sheet of customer results, it will confirm their expertise.
  • A good SEO agency will take care of regularly communicating the follow-up of your referencing, whether it is its evolution or its degradation to see with you other possible solutions.
  • To avoid surprises after a few months, some quality agencies do not hesitate to guarantee results.

It’s not just SEO solutions to drive traffic; the agency will imply that there are other possible channels to use if the company wants to further improve its traffic.

She will explain how to measure the ROI (return on investment) of all actions performed for SEO.

Of course these tips are not to be taken literally, but it will help you to avoid the best possible incompetents or hustlers especially if you wonder how to choose your SEO agency.

Summary of the main criteria for choosing your SEO agency:

1 e-reputation reviews and comments on the agency
2 visibility Agency position in Google Responses
3 contact presentation of a clear method
4 benefit content creation and follow-up
5 evidence customer references on keywords
6 guarantee commitment of result

If you need advice or solutions in SEO or e-marketing, do not hesitate to consult our site on SEO! Do not worry we do not bite!

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