Why You Need Quality Backlinks: Everything You Must Know

Backlinks, also called one-way links, incoming links or inbound links are the type of links that come from one website leading to a page on another website. For Google and also other search engines, they will consider backlinks as “votes” to a specific page. If a page has a higher number of backlinks will tend to be having higher organic search engine rankings.

Why Do You Need Backlinks?

The backlinks are helpful because they will tell the search engine that the content is credible, useful and valuable. So, having free backlinks will help to vote for your site from other sites.

It, therefore, means that the more your site has “votes” it is more it will rank in search engines.

What About The Number Of Backlinks?

Today, people are using these links for the search engine algorithm. First of all, backlinks have formed a foundation of Google’s original algorithm that is usually called page rank.

Citation Of PageRank

Since Google started working on various things, it has also tried making thousand of changes on the algorithm. It, therefore, makes backlinks to become a key in ranking signal.

Total External Backlinks

Today googles ensure that using backlinks is among the topmost essential ranking factors. Although backlinks are much valued, not all will rank you higher on SERPs, you have to focus on getting quality backlinks. For example, if you have a single strong backlink, it could be more powerful compared to a thousand low-quality links.

If you use high-quality backlinks, they usually share similar key traits such as:

  • Trusted Authoritative Websites

Most people would prefer getting backlinks from high-quality sites compared to the low quality of a random guy. It’s the same as google. It’s a concept that is called “Domain Authority.” So, the more authority a site will have, the more it will be able to pass into your site through the link.

If your link is coming from an authority site, it makes search engines such as Google to put more weight on it. For people who have tried it, they note a boost in their organic search after being linked.

  • Target Keyword

The keyword or anchor text, it’s the visible text of your link. Remember that you will not overboard by using keyword-rich anchor text. The reason is that Google used the filter in the algorithm that is referred to as Google Penguin.

It filters out the websites using black hat technique as a link building method. Moreover, it also focuses on those sites building backlinks using exact matching anchor text.

  • Linking A Site Related To Yours

If a website is linking to another website, Google will want them being related. It’s something that makes sense such as linking a health website with another health site.

  • Dofollow Link

Most of the search engines will ignore those links having a “no follow” tag that is attached to them. For nofollow links, they never count on search engine ranking algorithms. So, the vast majority of backlinks you will find on the web are do-follow links. It makes the links to be valuable.

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