Mistakes You Shouldn’t Be Making In Your Online Marketing

Internet marketing is booming, billions of dollars have been sold online and the figures are even increasing rapidly. We all seem to be jumping on internet marketing – everyone is selling one thing or buying another. However, in the excitement and growth of internet marketing, some of us are yet to see that amazing lucrative side of the internet everyone is clamoring about. It is possible you are yet to really enjoy significant returns on your marketing online.

Mistakes You Shouldn’t Be Making In Your Online Marketing

Well, it is most likely the fault is from your end as there may be some mistakes you are making in your internet marketing. Let us therefore learn about those critical mistakes you should avoid in your internet marketing.

Running a website without a blog

Many internet marketers make the mistake of running websites without blogs. This is a huge mistake that will undoubtedly reduce profitability they get from their internet marketing. It is very important to point out here that blogging grossly increases your traffic. You need this traffic as more traffic likely means more customers. According to statistics, internet marketers with blogs enjoy 97% more inbound links compared to those who don’t have. Inbound links here means incoming traffic to your website.

Another crucial aspect of a blog is that it helps you build sustainable relationships with your customers. By sharing valuable high-quality content on your blog, you establish your website as an authority in your niche. Moreover, your audience (who could later turn to prospective customers) interact with your blog. They drop comments and you get back to them. Eventually, your blog would help you build a vibrant community of loyal customers on your website.

 Risking to be absent from social media

This is one terrible mistake many businesses are guilty of in their online marketing. Social media forms a very vital part of modern internet marketing. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even Pinterest are great ways to increase the reach of your business even sourcing more customers.


Risking to be absent from social media

Interestingly, building valuable engagement on social media is not expensive compared to other online marketing options like influencer marketing. By maintaining a strong interactive presence on social media, you can create great posts or content for your social media platforms. Your customers can come and engage with you there, they can make inquiries about your service and even make orders for your products and services.

Isn’t this interesting? You dare not avoid social media in your internet marketing as your customers are all over social media. In fact, in the United States for example, over 80% of the full population is on social media.

Therefore avoiding social media is equivalently abandoning this gigantic amount of prospective customers to your competitors who are on social media.

Lastly, you could be guilty of never rewarding your customers

Yes, we are basically into internet marketing to sell and make money, we are there basically to TAKE. But you can GIVE BACK to your customers and make the relationship more balanced. At times you can offer great promotions and attractive discounts. This generosity will captivate more people encouraging them to buy more.

Lastly, you could be guilty of never rewarding your customers

Furthermore, great promotions and discounts easily go viral on the internet. So imagine you offer a wonderful promotion that gets viral and blown across the internet, many more people would learn about your services meaning more customers.

Therefore if you are not making reasonable returns from your internet marketing, check your strategy carefully. You could be making these mistakes. Make sure to avoid these errors and you would be amazed at how much you would be making from your internet marketing.

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