The Game of Advertising

Advertising is a medium of communication between user and product or service provider. Advertising is a message which is paid by the service provider who intends to influence people by their message and the audience as per the Advertising Association. Advertising is always present throughout history but we may not aware of that. In today’s world advertising uses every possible medium to spread out their message such as television newsletters radio, press, internet, direct selling, hoardings, mailers, contests, sponsorships, posters, clothes, events, colours, sounds and visuals. Due to ever expanding business of advertising, the number of advertisements agencies is always increasing. Any company that needs to advertise their product hires advertisements agencies. Company briefs on the band and image the values behind their product target audience and so on. Agencies figure out the visuals contents theme to communicate with audience. After the client approvals the advertisement goes on air as per the booking done by the media unit.

In this modern world due to lots advertisement, it is hard to make an impression unless your advisement is unique. Not only contain the space or medium though which the advertisement is showing is also important. The banners are too main stream now so people usually ignore these ads. One of fascinating place to put your banners is elevator door. I have seen a couple of elevator door banner which are quite fascinating. The ads shows’ if you are overweight and elevator breaks down it’s much harder to get out. Join a gym and get in shape. This kind of ads usually hard to ignore and it is quite funny as well. Another elevator door ads which intrigue me is that ‘close the door for the deforestation’. These ads put out a strong message for the global warming. When we do not care about the forest then whole forest may be level pretty soon, now you see the forest now you don’t. Other great ads for the comic books fans can be that iconic scene from superman movie where Clark Kent rips his work shirt to supermen costume. The elevator door ads are quite efficient to convey the message to the audience.

A unique way of advertisement is escalator ads. Due to mass usability the audience reach is very high for this kind of advertising. It is usually seen in airports metro shopping centre, super market etc. There are certain brands which get into this advertisement way before any other brands did. For example Hp is one of first brand which put out there advisement on the escalator. The main purpose of advertisement is that it should reach to the audience easily and the target audience should relate though that ads so that they buy that product. This way the company gets boost if we talk about its business. There are many companies that prefer bringing in use the escalator ads as these have proven to be quite helpful in giving a boost to the businesses.

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