How freelancers can use LinkedIn to promote themselves

As a freelance you are perfectly aware of the importance of self-promotion to be able to acquire new customers.

In this, of course, social media is a great resource and offers different opportunities in terms of visibility.

Among the various social tools you have available to promote yourself, LinkedIn is perhaps the most “sober” and professional.

If you want to know some little tricks on how freelancers can use LinkedIn to promote themselves, read this article; if instead you are already satisfied of how you “move” online then … lucky you!

How freelancers can use LinkedIn to find new customers

The truth is that LinkedIn is a really powerful tool for those who like you want to acquire new customers, but to succeed in this you need to know how to use it to the fullest.

But first of all it is right that you ask yourself: what are the advantages that a freelance can get from a LinkedIn strategy?

  • You can get in touch with a network of over 400 million people (but I think they are even less, right?);
  • Allows you to gain positions and therefore visibility on search engines;
  • You can generate traffic to your website;
  • You have the opportunity to build a solid reputation and gain credibility in the eyes of your potential customers;

A good LinkedIn freelance strategy cannot do without these basic elements:

1) A profile image, a title and a summary representative of you and your business. Think about it: when you come across a profile without a photo you certainly don’t get a good idea of ​​that professional. LinkedIn is the ideal social network for personal branding and for this you have to put your face to be credible or at least try to build a reputation for yourself. Same thing for the title and the summary you give to your profession. You have to give the impression of “being there” always!

2) Secondly, clearly and concisely highlight your skills and work experiences related to and related to them. You must be precise and create a clear and unambiguous image of your personal brand.

3) On LinkedIn what you give, receive. So start to validate the skills of professionals you admire and recommend their profiles, you will see that they will gladly reciprocate and you will earn a great deal in terms of reputation.

4) LinkedIn is a social network and as the word itself says it is created to create a network. So use it to get in touch with other professionals like you and update your information as soon as you have the chance. Your profile will be more visible.

Start working on these 4 simple areas of your LinkedIn profile and you will see that in a short time you will begin to receive contacts on the right and left side that will surely come back useful in the search for new projects. So get to work on you, do it now!

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