Actionable Tips to Improve Your Website Branding

If you are a business owner, you must keep in mind that your company’s website is a digital storefront. It is the one that gives the first impression of your product or services to the customer. Since the first impression gives a lasting impression, you must take care to pay extra attention to communicate your brand’s identity on every page of your website. There might be several websites that sell similar products like yours, but your brand identity can make your products/services appear more unique.

Here are some actionable tips from the experts at digital marketing agency Sydney to improve your website’s branding.

Keep Your Website Simple

Make sure that your website has all the notable information about your business. Too much content can also become a problem. Your customers usually don’t care about how your site’s design is presented, but they want the necessary information to be presented in a way which is easy to process. So, keep your website simple. This will help your customers to navigate across the page easily. Similarly, your customers won’t prefer to wait for your pages to load. Thus, remove all unnecessary videos or plugins that are causing your website to load slowly. The experts at branding agency Sydney mention that when a website takes a long time to load, the customers will leave the page, and find their required products/services from somewhere else.

Show Your Customers What Your Brand Is About

Always keep in mind, that there is more to a website apart from the visual components and the navigation features. It should be about what your brand is all about. Typically, the ‘About Us’ page is searched by the customers, to understand about your brand. So, if you can infuse your unique identity in this page, it will become easy for the customers to relate to your brand, and engage with you. You can share your business values, testimonials, photos, company’s value statement and principles. But, always make sure that you are consistent across the web. The experts at digital creative agency mention that, when your customers know what your brand is all about, they will tend to trust you. After all, trust is the most important factor of website branding.

Follow Consistent Style and Visual Elements

Make sure to have consistent visual elements across your site. For example, your logo – the most influential branding tool, must be consistent and present on the header, footer, favicon and contact forms. Your customers must be able to identify your brand with it. Visual branding does not conclude with logo, it should also be consistent with your theme, font etc.

Have Active Social Accounts

One great way to easily engage with your customers is to have a robust social presence on social media. Therefore, by presenting the social media widgets on the website, you are allowing your customers to perceive all consistent updates about your business, and providing them with a reason to reach you out. So, regularly update your social accounts. It can be time-consuming, but it is worth the investment. You can also get the help of the experts from branding agency Sydney, who will help your brand thrive!

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